Whitefriars Childrens Nursery Ltd provides excellent quality childcare 51 weeks of the year in Penwortham, near Preston.

We feel that the early years are extremely important and we aim to provide a range of experiences, opportunities and activities that help your child to develop to the best of his or her ability. Our aims at the Nursery are to ensure your child has the best start in life by learning in a safe environment while enjoying every minute.

Lancashire Quality Award

It was an honour to be awarded the Lancashire Quality Award in March 2014 after working through the 8 modules as a team over a 2 year period. The Quality Award provides an opportunity for practitioners to spend focused time together looking at what they do every day and considering which parts work well and which could be further developed.

It is an overarching systematic tool for self evaluation and reflection that will embrace all areas within the setting, from leadership and management to daily routines. The Lancashire Quality Award is underpinned by the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Quality Improvement Principles.

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