Our Food

At Whitefriars we encourage all our children to develop healthier eating habits through freshly prepared dishes made in our nursery kitchen.

Through the daily menus the children are ensured to receive at least 5 fruit and vegetables which are recommended for a healthy balanced diet.

The menus are produced using fresh ingredients and do not have any ready prepared jar or packet products.

Tesco is where we purchase our fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as store cupboard items. Our meat is sourced from the local butcher Honeywells and fish is delivered fresh each Wednesday.

We use reduced salt, low sugar and vegetable based oils and spreads which are low in fats. Our bread, pasta and rice are wholemeal. Toast time is accompanied by full fat milk, lunch is served with diluted fresh fruit juice (1 part juice/10 parts water) and water is available throughout the day.

We cater for all children’s dietary needs and allergies to the best of our ability and encourage the children to try all foods.

Our aim is to enhance their tastes and promote a healthier diet for their future.






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